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Road Products has a strong reputation supplying our pavement maintenance contracting partners. But did you know that many of our products and equipment are used for projects that don't necessarily include pavement or crack and joint work? Here are some examples:

Roofing systems

There are a number of high-tech roofing systems on the market these days that you just can't apply with the old-fashioned tar kettle and a mop. Many require specific preparation, blending, and application temperatures. Not to mention,getting the material to where it's needed and applied properly. Road Products has experience with a number of roofing system applications and can help you make the right equipment and material choices to get the job done.

Waterproofing membranes

Many waterproofing membrane products on the market are hot pour products that require specific preparation and application methods. Road Products has worked with many waterproofing contractors to find the right tools and techniques to apply the most complex membrane systems profitably.

Waste-water treatment digester seals

Waste-water digesters must have the lid sealed in place with a hot pour material, applied between the tank and the lid skirt. Road Products carries the equipment and material to tackle this specialty.

Special jobsite requirements

Many of these non-pavement applications also present special challenges with getting the equipment in position and getting the material where it needs to be. Road Products has worked on many of these unique applications and found solutions to the challenges that tend to follow them.

Other custom sealer applications

Road Products has answered the call on numerous occasions for sealant applications that just don't have a best practice established yet. In addition to the more common pavement-spec materials and equipment, we have probably got a sealant system for just about any possible application. Give us a shot at proposing a solution for that sealant job you've never heard of someone else doing before.


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